Monday, 14 December 2009

Professional Reflections

Welcome to my professional reflections page.

In this context, professional reflections means that I take the opportunity, as often as possible to review what actions I've taken to implement IT in the classroom in a meaningful and authentic way. Reflecting also means, identifying which things have been implemented but need improving and how or why they need that improvement. Not everything works the first time around, but I also believe that few things worth doing come easily. Finally, I see reflecting as looking back and making connections not only with what I already know, but what I have discovered. I also make a conscious effort to use those connections to guide my "road ahead".

It is my very strong belief that we, as elementary/primary school teachers should not be implementing technology for technology's sake, nor should we see technology as simply "a tool". I believe, that both of these positions sells the profound implications of today's technology, to the educational welfare and future of our children, short. It does our children a disservice by belittling the importance of read/write/web (RRW) technology to little more than that of an overhead projector or, on the other hand, a silver bullet which will cure all ills. Both are, in my opinion, a falsehood.

I will however, use the word "tool" in the sense of a telescope, microscope or other instrument which is a bridge to greater understanding, collaboration, sharing and creating.

I believe that the RRW is an incredible tool which opens up a vast amount of opportunity to allow students to actively create, remix and share their knowledge and understanding with others. I further believe that Constructivist theories and Connectivism and the RRW go hand in hand and allow children the opportunity to inquire and investigate like never before.

Hopefully, over time,as I fill more of this space, you will find a resource, or an idea which you find helpful. If so, please feel free to add a comment!


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